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Permettere di Vivere per Vivere

Permettere di Vivere per Vivere

Nel mio mondo dovrebbe esistere la Pace, l’Amore, l’Armonia e il Rispetto per per esso.

Non dovremmo impegnarci un pò di più, sentirci responsabili? Magari ricordandoci quando eravamo bambini ed osservandolo con quegli occhi pieni di stupore.

Il mondo, il nostro mondo è meraviglioso: guardiamolo, aiutiamolo ad essere sempre un luogo accogliente per vivere e far vivere gli altri.

Lorella Ronconi



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Ocean Defender Foundation, non-profit corporation.
By: Oriana Kalama:

“Ocean Defender Hawaii began 4 years ago through the passion and commitment of our founder, Oriana Kalama, on Maui. She single-handedly began rescuing turtles, showing up at city council meetings and creating children’s school programs in Maui to bring awareness to the plight of our ocean, reefs and shores and to shine a light on the need in Hawaii for sea animal protection. Her collaboration and growing connections with other environmentalists, world-renown photographers, oceanographers, marine biologists, big wave surfers, plus Polynesian Voyaging communities and ocean lovers worldwide has resulted in one of the most popular, shared and talked about ocean conservation social media sites on the internet. Our Facebook Page! We currently have over 137,000 members on the Ocean Defender-Hawaii page, half of which reside in the Hawaiian Islands along with 14 countries now starting their own Ocean Defender network, which adding another 40,000+ supporters – 160,000 Ocean Defenders and growing strong worldwide!

Geological areas of impact, population served…

Ocean Defender Foundation is committed to first serving and establishing community roots in the state ofHawaii, then spreading to other islands in Polynesia. Island environments are the most fragile on the planet and are even now impacted swiftly and severely by pollution, over-fishing and climate change.  A large portion of our work is education and truth telling through our first-hand experiences of the ocean issues facing us and we believe by holding the Hawaiian Islands as an example, we can be a voice for the ocean heard around the world and help inspire true change.

Ocean Defender Foundation is leading by example in Hawaii, teaching the world how to clean up and restore our oceans and planet, beginning with the choices we make in our own homes. We believe, as Ocean Defenders that it is our duty to demonstrate a sustainable life-style that others can both replicate, enjoy and celebrate. We also believe the key to success is to align ourselves, and our mission, with other like-minded individuals and groups who practice the same values for our future generations! Thank you for your consideration.

Each of our Executive Board members and individual Ocean Defender Team’s accomplishments and skill, stand on their own.  We’re uniting our efforts, to take eco-awareness and sustainable lifestyle to a new level. We are not aware of any other environmental non-profit who started a Global Movement through a critical mass created with social media! Every week we receive numerous requests from people from all around the world asking how they can volunteer or help our cause! This is one of our most powerful tools and we will continue to utilize this and other avenues to share our news, projects and initiatives as we grow.” 

By: Oriana Kalama

C.E.O. /Founder of Ocean Defender

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